Thank You!


We appreciate you recommending us to your friends and spreading the good news about Music Together®! If you have a friend (who has never done a Music Together® class before) who decides to join one of our classes, due to your recommendation, you will receive a $10 thank you referral discount off your registration (per joining family), and they will receive $10 off of their registration too!. They don't have to join the same class as you and there is no limit as to how many referral discounts you can get. You are just limited by the amount of your friends that join. It's just our way of thanking you for thinking so highly of our program. 

Details for a Currently Enrolled Family

  • Spread the word about our Program to your friends
  • Tell the family that enrolls to mention your name in the "Comments" section of the reg. form
  • You will receive a $10 credit per enrolled family (not per child)
  • There is no limit as to how many credits you receive
  •  Credits can be applied to tuition only
  • Credits are not transferrable

Details for New Families

  • When registering for a class please write your friend's name in the "Comments' section of the reg. form.
  • Credit received is per family and not per child
  • $10 Credit received is applied to current semester 
  • Start referring your friends and save too!

Questions? text or call 973-945-2828