Babies Class

Music Together® has designed a Babies Class for families with children from 0-8 months old. You'll get a chance to meet other moms with babies, while we give you tidbits of information about developmental growth, how music plays it's part, and what you can do to enhance its effect.

Plenty of singing, dancing, learning and silliness goes on in class! Music Together® is a research based program, so it's the perfect start to your child's musical journey.

Babies are also welcome in any of the mixed age classes with or without an older sibling. If you join a Mixed-Age class, you'll get a one-on-one with the teacher beforehand to discuss the many ways you can enjoy music with your little one. In a Mixed-Age class you also get that "family feel" since there will be a variety of ages participating in the class.

If you have an older child and register both children in the same class, there will be no charge for your baby! You can enroll both children in a Mixed-Age class, and still have the option to attend the Babies Class with just you and your baby (at a reduced rate).

No matter what class you choose, you'll not only have a great experience but you'll also learn a few things.